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HUEMMERICH service standards

Our service standards are clear promises for our clients.

The HUEMMERICH-Service-Standards for our clients

1. Quick reply 
[We answer on your request for mandating us within 24 hours of service.]

For you as our next client it is very important to know, if we will be your lawyers. That`s why we promise to give you a real quick reply on your request. No matter how you get in contact with us, we will be there for you within one working day.

2. Your personal lawyer 
[Your HUEMMERICH-lawyer is your person of trust.]

Regardless of whether you are a business or a private client of us: Your – and our – focus lies on a personal relationship, based on mutual trust. 

3. Always at your side  
[If you want to talk to your lawyer, we will be there. If your lawyer can`t be reached instantly, we will answer as soon as possible, regularly not later than 4 hours.]

To have your lawyer available is very important for you as our client. That is why we promise to you, that we are available for you whenever you demand it. 

4. A good team for satisfied clients 
[Our service and back-office team is not only well trained but first of all focused on our clients needs and wishes.]

Our service and back-office team is part of HUEMMERICH legal. Service Team and lawyers work hand in hand. 

5. If requested by you: Get our Premium Service 
[Our Premium Service goes far beyond customary availability of your lawyer. You will have access to your lawyer 24 hours, 7 days a week.]

Certain cases lead to the clients demand to have your HUEMMERICH legal lawyer always at your request available. This on-top-service is available for you, so you can reach your lawyer at any time. Even at night and on the weekend. This Premium Service can be booked for a additional fee, appropriate to the case at hand.