The Law firm

Professor Dr. Klaus Huemmerich founded a single-partner practice on 1 November, 1984 in Bonn. With the entrance of attorney Eberhard Rott as a partner in 1986, it operated under the name “Prof. Dr. Huemmerich & Partner” and continued to grow in the following time. Since 2006, the law firm operates under the name HUEMMERICH legal and currently employs 12 lawyers, including 9 partners. The law firm provides specialist attorneys for labor, inheritance, tax, family and administrative law. Moreover, the law firm has access to a network of freelance professions such as tax consultants, auditors and management consultants.

The partners of HUEMMERICH legal have agreed on quality standards such as further education and obligation of publication. The law firm has been pursuing a professional specialization in the areas of labor law – public law – commercial and civil law for some time: 

The attorneys of HUEMMERICH legal have particular labor law experience in consulting and representation of medium-sized companies, large groups and transaction business as well as consulting and representation of managers, unions, works councils and employees. The labor law team is familiar with all questions concerning labor law such as dismissal protection, international posting of workers, corporate spin-offs, company agreements, from supporting collective bargaining up to litigation at all instances.  

In the area of public law, the law firm works for businesses and individuals in public commercial law and commercial administrative law but also for authorities in various fields, especially in (de-)regulated industries, which are focused on railway law (regulation fee, network access, railway infrastructure).

In the health care sector, the law firm represents hospitals or care homes in calculation of nursing care rates and negotiations on budgets and nursing rate negotiations with the health insurance, care funds and other payers. In addition, we can count on competences in the “traditional area” of administrative law such as public building law, civil service law, municipal tax law, commercial law and state liability law.

The department of commercial and civil law mainly focuses on consulting and representation of medium-sized companies with particular focus on the interests of owners. Key aspects in this case are commercial and corporate law, legal protection of industrial property including antitrust legislation, trademark and competition law. When it comes to developing perfect solutions in the area of family law, tax organization, corporate restructuring as well as the ever more important area of company succession including executorship, the entrepreneur, as a person takes center stage.

For HUEMMERICH legal, business law also includes representation of interests and private persons towards financial management or tax investigation and focuses on commercial tenancy and real estate law as well as estate planning.

HUEMMERICH legal advises and represents national and international companies from different industries and of different sizes such as from the mechanical engineering to the retail sector, credit institutions, insurance companies and public corporations or from startups to DAX companies. Besides business executives, our clients include private persons and non-profit organizations.

Professor Dr. Klaus Huemmerich died on 26 June, 2007. We will always keep him in honorable memory.