HUEMMERICH legal quality standards

Our quality level goes far beyond the professional standards of lawyers. We, as your advisors are highly specialized, practice continuous learning and have access to the very best tools in order to provide top performance. We are voluntarily committed to the following quality standards in order that you can rely on high quality. It is worth comparing law firms in order to see that high quality standards are rare in other law firms.

The quality standards of HUEMMERICH legal for our clients

  1. Specialized lawyers and experts

[All advisors of HUEMMERICH are obligated to prove themselves as experts in particular fields and obtain a respective title.]

Your consultant of HUEMMERICH is a certified specialist in at least one area or has successfully completed the theoretical part of his apprenticeship within three years at HUEMMERICH. Besides this evidence of specialized knowledge, our advisors have voluntarily undertaken to prove themselves as experts in theory and practice. Experts achieve a higher quality, which is based on practical experience and advanced training in this area. Some of the attorneys work as renowned specialist authors and referees.

  1. Commitment to learn

[All advisors of HUEMMERICH are obligated to improve their skills in special areas by investing at least 20 hours in training.]

Constant availability of information is not enough in order to enable decisive and qualitative lead. The same applies to the continuous training of our consultants. Internal and external trainings provide updated knowledge, which is needed for solving your problems.

  1. Publications of our consultants

[Consultants of HUEMMERICH regularly publish articles as authors or in professional journals.]

The quality of our consultancy is represented by scientific publications. A lawyer, who regularly publishes books and articles on specific topics, demonstrates his familiarity with this subject. Consultants of HUEMMERICH regularly publish their own reference books, essays, book contributions or critiques.

  1. Knowledge, books and databases

[Available knowledge in books and databases is a daily tool, which is needed to achieve high quality results.]

Though books and professional journals provide legal knowledge, there is no legal obligation to use current specialist literature or online databases. It is obvious, that the purchase of a book or a digital research does not expand the required knowledge. But it is crucial to use current specialist literature and case law databases at any time. We are creating the opportunity for our advisors to provide the best possible solution for your tasks. Beyond other digital resources we have access to the JURIS-database, which is also used by the courts.

  1. Compliance and social engagement

[We live values.]

Besides the obligation to comply with the law and to respect the human rights, we assume our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our partners work voluntarily in different areas of society at regional and supra-regional level.