Our law firm provides a wide range of experience and acknowledged expertise through professional publication and lectures held by specialist lawyer for labor law, Prof. Dr. Mauer.

It covers the contract design in the field of international deployment of executives and employees on the one hand. But on the other side, it covers the whole international social security legislation and tax law, the latter in cooperation with services of external tax advisers. We also provide the procurement of residence and work permits from the authorities. In terms of content, we create besides contracts company policies for travel expenses etc. in the form of operating agreements. In the last few years, we have tested the international cooperation with law firms in more than 50 developed countries and newly industrialized countries.

The lawyer, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Mauer, is a proven expert in the area of foreign assignment of employees.

Furthermore, our law firm represents executives and expatriates in cross-border disputes and termination cases. 

The influence of European Labor Law on national labor law

In his working paper No. 1/2018 Prof. Dr. Mauer describes the status of executives (leading employees) under European Law.