You have the feeling that things in your working life were no longer as they had been in the past. Being under pressure to justify yourself, reserved behavior of your colleagues and being ignored during communication processes are indicators that your employer wants to terminate the employment.

If you have the impression that they distort the meaning of your words, it is about time for a consultant with respect to separation in order to protect your labor rights. Our consultants analyze your contractual situation and give you hints regarding conduct. In order to manage your crisis and receive fair and appropriate compensation, it is essential to know about behavioral techniques and develop an appropriate strategy.

For this reasons, avoid to write opinion letters without consultation with your advisor! You should analyze your opportunities and risks in order to find a secure way towards a new future and transform the conflict into a chance.  

On the employer’s side, it is recommended to have a consultation on separation that is oriented towards legal situation and work environment before dismissing an employee or sending him on garden leave in order to avoid tactical and legal errors.