If an employee wants to enforce his rights against the will of his boss, he has to take legal action through the labor courts. The same applies to the other employer.

The laws require to observe tight deadlines. This means, when an employee does not complain against the termination within three weeks by lodging a claim to the labor court, he will loose all rights, which he might have.

If the question is posed whether the right person has dismissed on the employer’s side, you need to take immediate actions. For this reason: You have to act quickly! Lawyers, who are specialized in labor law, filing suits on a day-to-day basis or averting claims in court, are reliable partners in order to struggle for justice.

Our labor lawyers are processing nationwide and are admitted to practice in all labor courts. We cooperate with employees as well as companies. Moreover, we initiate proceedings in numerous courts, model case proceedings and proceedings for a preliminary ruling before the federal Constitutional Court and European Court of Justice.

We pay attention to the costs and discuss with clients appropriate decisions. The expense risk of the employee and the employer is lower at the first instance than at the other instances. Every party bears its own attorney fees regardless of the result of the legal proceeding and when a settlement about the whole dispute was reached, there are no court fees.

The labor law dispute resembles chess; Good labor lawyers think their moves quite forward.