One should know that shaping life in older days depends on drawn pension benefits.

State pensions are secure but the level show a substantial drop and therefore growing pension gaps should and must be closed by occupational pension. But the occupational pension has a highly complex law so that even an informed citizen is not able to understand it. A specific background knowledge is needed to understand concepts like deferred compensation, direct insurance, “Riester-pension” (retirement policy), pension funds, portability, non-forfeiture, contribution commitment with minimum benefit or the duty to make adjustments.

It can be assumed with certainty that a careless handling of pension scheme will have negative effects later on.  

Labor law in the case of occupational pension holds many dangers, which – insofar as they are not recognized – may lead to massive financial disadvantages for companies, directors or employees. Prepare yourself well! HUEMMERICH-legal provides recognized legal experts in the area of occupational pension who support and advice you from composition or transformation of occupational pension schemes up to review of your permitted employee pension.