Our advisors put a special focus on individual and comprehensive advice and representation of employers as well as employees in this area of law.

It is important that the advice is not only legally sound especially in the case of labor legislation or rather protection against unfair dismissal. In particular when terminating the employment relationship, practical know-how, knowledge of the sector and negotiation skills as well as well-founded legal knowledge are important. Based on this, the law firm works together with clients to develop individual solutions, which are customized to their practical problems. Besides the design and preparation of terminations as well as measures related to labor law, risk assessment and strategic advice also play a role in this case.

Moreover, in-court litigation is an inseparable element of our work and therefore we represent our clients in all court instances up to the Federal Labor Court and Federal Constitutional Court. A further focus of our work lies on termination of employment relationships with the help of cancellation agreements and winding-up agreements. 

In this case, our professional advice in labor law covers additional types of legal systems like tax and social security law.