In this case, provisions of special laws, for example the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG) or the German Companies Act (GmbHG), also play a role besides the rules of the criminal code.

Because of this closer connection with business laws, it is significant that the competence of the criminal defense lawyer is not sufficient to optimally represent the interests of the defendants. He has to be an expert in the field of the respective special right. If the accusation of disloyalty is made by the management board of a stock corporation to the director of a limited company, the criminal defense lawyer should know the applicable standards referred to stock corporation law, procurement law, LLC law and insolvency regulation in order to guarantee an effective legal defense. At the same time, the criminal defense lawyer needs to have sensitivity for the necessities of the defendant.

We consult, as far as possible, in terms of criminal liability and put a special emphasis on advising company bodies of corporations, in the case, of imminent insolvency. Furthermore, we are at your disposal to defend you in preliminary proceedings as well as legal proceedings. In preliminary proceedings, we ensure short response times in order to avoid mistakes, which can be made by the defendant at an early stage of the proceedings.