The employment contract is the basis for every employment relationship and establishes the legal framework for the daily interaction between employer and employee. 

Different interpretations of contractual clauses or the ignorance of certain circumstances when concluding the agreement are one of the most frequent reasons for conflicts between the parties of the contract. We design employment contracts for employers that are adapted to individual requirements and employment contracts, which can be used for a large number of employees.

In this case, desired goals for the employment relationship are applied in conjunction with provisions of the right governing general terms and conditions and protection of workers. In addition, a meaningful involvement of collective and legal norms are developed with the help of corresponding reference clauses.

For employees and executives, we take over the careful examination of a work contract and possible mantraps. We inform about problems that can arise during the course of a long-term employment relationship and which cannot be recognized by a layperson. Moreover, we provide practicable solutions and negotiate on better conditions than those originally agreed in the contract offer.

The lawyers of HUEMMERICH-legal rely on their wealth of experience due to long-established practice and academic work in the area of designing employment contracts. Our primary objective is to assert the interests of our clients whether of employers or employees on the basis of optimal formulations. This creates a reasonable foundation for a long-term employment relationship but also guarantees its settlement in accordance with interests in the case of separation.