As a future client of HUEMMERICH legal, you need to be aware of this since there are law firms, which represent only employers or only employees or works councils. We are not acting on political or ideological grounds but we are experts of employment and labor law and make a full contribution that benefits our clients. The years of experience and the constant change of perspective (from an employee’s perspective and an employer’s perspective) strengthen our perspective and way of thinking at differing positions and interests as well as at the relevant strengths and weaknesses in the particular case. Those who know the perspective of the opposing party are able to optimally estimate their own opportunities and risks. This is the reason why we are not reduced to a certain role as “the law firm for employers” or “the law firm for employees”.

Our clients:

Our clients whom we support in all questions regarding employment and labor law come from the greater Cologne/Bonn area, however, a good part of our clients are from all over the country and due to the emphasis on international labor law also from a number of countries around the globe (companies as well as expatriates). Over time, it was observable that opponents can become clients. A lot of them say: “You did a better job than my lawyer.” Every service provide is pleased about satisfied customers like us, but lawyers are sworn to secrecy and are allowed to communicate about the counseling of a client only with his/her permission. 

At this point, we would like to describe only a few business aereas and non-profit-fields in which we render employment and labor law services:

As regards the employers, we advise and represent in the following sectors and institutions in particular:

  • Public banks from the region
  • Logistics corporations
  • Franchisee of system catering
  • Public pension funds of freelancers
  • Furniture stores
  • Forwarding companies
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Metal and plastic processing companies
  • Construction and civil engineering companies
  • Hospitals being under churchly leadership
  • Food corporations
  • Various charitable organizations
  • Moreover, numerous small entrepreneurs from Bonn and from the surrounding area among them craft businesses, retail stores, physicians, dentists, tax consultants and other lawyers.

On the employee’s side:

  • Managing directors of a limited company, managing board-members of stock corporations, executives and other managers, skilled personnel and other employees.
  • Works councils, spokesmen of officers, employee representative committee, personnel councils.