The social security law is closely tied to the labor and tax law and covers the following rights:

– statutory pension insurance law,
– health and nursing care insurance law,
– unemployment insurance law and
– workers compensation insurance law

The law firm represents the interests of companies or employees in the above-mentioned areas of social security law as far as they tied to labor law or corporate law. The review and judicial enforcement of the question of whether a social security contribution is mandatory for a director of a limited company or not, is a typical case. Questions related to the work status under §7 SGB IV are also important for such cases; especially to analyze the question, if a self-employed person has to be regarded as economically dependent service-provider.

On termination of the employment relationship, it is necessary to avoid a blocking period for unemployment benefits on a regular basis.

In the area of statutory accident insurance, we have expertise in legal questions on the employer’s side.