Besides corporate and tax law, labor law is a significant factor for the success of transactions and restructurings. Particularly corporate co-determination and individual protection provisions affect the success of entrepreneurial measures in Germany.

Our team of specialists, who have experience in the field of labor and economic law, advises companies of every size on all aspects of transactions and restructurings under company law. These include supervision and audit of company transfers and changes of operations, implementation of due diligence, advice on aspects of transaction under collective bargaining law (tariff change, unification replacement of tariff), supervision under industrial constitution law (balance of interests and negotiations of social compensation plans, conciliation committee), advice on occupational pension, designing the parts of company acquisition contracts and merger agreements under labor law.  

In addition, our consulting service includes supervision of restructurings and operational changes (changes in the workforce and working conditions), negotiations with works councils, unions and authorities, advice on post-merger and acquisition (drafting of employment contracts), restructuring consulting before and in the insolvency.