In some cases, inheritance disputes have destroyed private assets and have ruined several companies, although it should be possible to avoid this sort of lawsuits. A tailored estate planning regarding your specific needs, which is performed within the framework of inter-professional cooperation between legal advisors, tax consultants and investment advisors including a mediator, can reveal and avoid possible problems in advance due to highly elaborated legal and economic arrangements.

Unfortunately, our practical experience has shown that even people actually interested in estate planning, often take inadequate and rudimentary advice, in parts solely based on standard forms and clauses. Furthermore, estate planning is rarely a business goal to companies and nearly never subject to a business plan. With its various interconnections to other legal fields and subject areas, inheritance law is among the most sophisticated and complicated legal subjects. The lawyers of HUEMMERICH legal are specialised in inheritance law and provide wide experience in succession planning. As experienced litigators they know hundreds of legal proceedings and are therefore also accustomed with disputes in court. They are aware that courts can produce bizarre results by interpreting testaments, but you can be assured to benefit from the experience of the lawyers of HUEMMERICH legal.

Or could you imagine a case in which a testator excluded his relatives from the succession with a formally valid testament but in the end the deciding court appointed them as heirs?

If a dispute is unavoidable despite all precautions and when it is beyond budgets (losing a legal dispute through three instances and an estate value of about 400,000 € can lead to procedural costs reaching six figures), the specialised lawyers of our team can establish contact with a litigation funder, to whom we maintain a good relationship and with whom we have already cooperated successfully to benefit our clients. After accepting the case, he will estimate the risk of legal costs and will take a certain percentage of the result.

If you are interested in this approach, we will be pleased to explain further details.